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So you would like someone to spank you?

Welcome! I congratulate you on your willingness to explore the idea of gay spanking needs by seeking out this site. The very fact that you are here means you would like to be spanked, or you would like to spank someone of the same sex as you!

It’s not abnormal or weird. Many people feel the need to be spanked while many others get excited at the thoughts of a willing person going over there knee for a good hard spanking. Although most people never have the guts to admit it to those they love. The craving desire just won’t go away.Do you crave that hard relentless powerful meaningful spanking that only a man can give or the sensual erotic spanking going over a woman’s nylon clad lap? Whatever you desire we hope you find your playmate here.

There are professional woman and men who offer spanking services worldwide. And thank god they are there!! Here at spanking match we hope that all you people out there wherever you may be in the world will sign up and communicate with one another because you never know the next person to spank you could be living in the same town as you!

If gay or lesbian please become a member it’s 100% free. And remember! Life is short. If you get the chance to give yourself some pleasure you should do it!